A Starbound Oath

Bad Sci Fi
3 min readMar 9, 2024

The cosmos had never seemed so silent as it did to Captain Zara Light Way, whose slender figure cast a shadow over the command console of her ship, The Astral Nomad. Her eyes, reflecting the nebulas’ iridescence, were focused with an intensity that belied her otherwise ethereal appearance. A former commander in the Galactic Navy, Zara had cast aside the chains of bureaucracy to navigate the sea of stars on her own terms.

Beside her, the enigmatic figure of Pirate Lord Krax loomed, his gaze set on the star map that flickered with holographic precision. His reputation preceded him; a marauder turned unlikely ally, his wisdom in navigating the outlaw’s path was unparalleled. Krax’s voice, deep and resonant, broke the quiet. “The Nebula of Silent Screams is no place for the faint-hearted, Captain. If the legends are true, the Quasar Crown lies within, guarded by the spectral sentinels of a long-forgotten cosmic dynasty.”

Zara’s lips curled into a half-smile. “Legends, Krax, are but unclaimed truths. And we, my friend, are truth-seekers.”

Their destination was a nebula shrouded in mystery, a celestial maze rumored to house a relic of immense power. It was said that whoever wore the Quasar Crown could command the very fabric of spacetime, bending the universe’s infinite complexities to their will.

The crew was a quilt of the galaxy’s many faces: there was Altair, the cybernetic navigator whose eyes flickered with data streams; Lyra, the engineer whose tattoos told tales of black holes and supernovas; and Orion, the gunner whose laughter was as loud as his plasma rifle’s discharge. Together, they were more than just a crew; they were a testament to the strength found in the amalgamation of their diverse origins.

As The Astral Nomad hurdled through the abyss, a distress signal punctured the tranquility of space. It was a cry for help, an SOS from the edges of the known universe. Zara’s hand hesitated over the thruster controls, her mind racing with the calculations of risk and reward.

“To ignore a call for aid is to deny our very humanity, Captain,” Krax advised, his voice a baritone melody of conviction and caution.

With a nod, Zara altered their course. “Then let’s be the outlaws who dare to do right,” she declared, her voice a beacon as resolute as any star. The ship veered starward, bound for the unknown, and toward the kind of adventure that had drawn each of them into the void of space.

And thus, the Galactic Outlaws embarked upon their Nebula Quest, not merely chasing a myth, but forging a legacy that would ripple across the cosmos for eons to come.